Watch First – How to Install Your Zippy Stickers Decal

Large Decal Installation – Dry Center Hinge Method

Decal Application tips:

  1. NO you don’t have to put the pieces on individually… they transfer all at once.
  2. Do not just peel off wax backing and try to put on decal, follow steps below for application.
  3. Do not apply on extreme cold or hot surfaces. Ideal temperature must be between 60°F and 90°F. Basically apply in the shade not in the sun or rain or snow.
  4. Do not touch the adhesive backing, oils from your skin will prevent sticking.
  5. Before applying vinyl decal stickers be sure to clean and dry the area thoroughly.
  6. When applying decal to a curved surface like a tumbler be sure to tape the left or right side after aligning where you want it when you get to step 5 of instructions.
  7. Only hand wash tumblers after decal is applied and do not scrub hard in decal area for obvious reasons. Do not run tumblers through dishwasher.


Decal Application instructions:

  2. Sometimes a wrinkle or two may appear during shipping so not to worry… simply rub the decal with your fingers, credit card (or similar… Dollar Store rulers work good for larger graphics) to be sure the transfer tape is properly adhered to the decal.
  3. Clean and dry the desired area (RUBBING ALCOHOL IS BEST). Decals will stick best to clean smooth surfaces.
  4. Carefully position the decal to the desired area WITHOUT REMOVING WAX BACKING.
  5. Once you are sure of position put a strip of masking (or painters) tape across the top (If surface is really curved like a tumbler tape the left or right side instead) of the decal to hold in place.
  6. Next flip decal up and STARTING FROM THE TOP (Or the side you taped) remove the wax backing slowly and rub the decal with a credit card (or similar) onto the surface as you peel off the wax backing making sure the decal stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape.
  7. Remove the masking (or painters) tape and rub the decal from one side to the other, eliminating any air bubbles. Use credit card (or similar… Dollar Store rulers work good for larger graphics) to make sure the entire decal is fully adhered to the surface.
  8. Slowly remove the clear transfer tape peeling it back on top of itself (Don’t peel pulling straight out but peel at opposing angle), making sure no part of the decal remains on the transfer tape.
  9. Check for air bubbles. Bubbles are a result of application error. Cover decal with wax backing and rub over air bubble pushing it to the closest edge. If that does not work use a pin and make a tiny hole to allow the air out and it will become virtually invisible.


Enjoy your new vinyl decal sticker!!!

***We are not responsible for application errors.***

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